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Welcome to RM&K Gardening, are you looking for gardening services. If yes, then you are exactly where you should be because we are amongst the leading gardening companies in the UK. Whatever you need about gardening services, we are here with the right solutions for you. Gardening maintenance and care is something that we love to do for our valued clients to make their gardens more beautiful and amazing. Undoubtedly, we can turn your normal garden into a heavenly place where you can spend your best moments with family, friends, or guests. We are dedicated to working hard and therefore we always aim to satisfy our clients no matter how hard the job is.

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Your Garden Deserves Care

The garden at your home is the best and most beautiful place where you spend beautiful moments with family or guests. You take coffee or lay with kids here in your free time. You also invite your friends to spend some time at your garden having memorable gossips. When so many things are related to your garden then why keeping your garden unclean and overgrew? It needs timely periodical maintenance, clearance, and care to get back its real beauty. To make it a heavenly place, RM&K Gardening is providing you supreme quality gardening services in London with the best gardeners. It’s time to experience the best gardening services in London by the most reliable and experienced company. We are sure that you will have a wonderful experience with us.

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Our Services

Gardening Maintenance London

Garden maintenance is the basic need of your garden to keep it in a presentable look. The unnecessary grass, greenery, hedge, bushes, and shrubs need to be taken care of by expert gardeners. To meet all such requirements of your garden, we are here with the finest garden maintenance in London. Our brilliant services can definitely satisfy your needs because we work beyond expectations and leave no reason for complaint about our work. We will provide you a number of solutions to make your rough garden a pleasant place:

  • Hedge Trimming
  • Thorough lawn care including fertilizing & reseeding
  • Green waste removing including grass, leaves, and shrubs
  • General tidy-up on your garden
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Pruning short trees and bushes
  • Flower bed care and planting

Much more will be provided on request whatever we can do for your beautiful garden to disclose its real beauty. If you are looking for the best garden maintenance services in London then we are the best option for you.

Turf Laying Services London

If there is a lack of grass in your garden yard then our turf lying services are the best solution for you. Through turf lying, we will make your yard fully green with thick and healthy turfgrass. To make it possible, we have a tailored process. First of all, we plan your yard where you want turf lying, and secondly, we ask you to choose a suitable type of grass you want for your garden yard. We also check the underlying soil to measure how much turf the yard needs. After all that, we prepare the underlying soil and then lay the turf slabs or rolls onto it. In this way, we provide you the best turf lying services in London and produce dramatic results.

Garden Clearance in London

Is there any unwanted debris or overgrown greenery in your garden? Don’t worry we will remove it and clear your garden to give it a heavenly look. RM&K Gardening is aimed to transform the gardens of our clients and make them as they deserve to be. We have some extraordinary expertise in garden clearance in London. Therefore we confidently announce that we will fulfill your expectations and demands easily. Our excellent gardening Staff is highly qualified and skilled that can do this job within no time. Being professionals, we care about your feelings and emotions therefore we give you beyond expectation results.

Lawn Care services in London

We are here with the best and most professional lawn care services in London for our valued clients. If you are looking for someone to take care of your lawn and give it a decent and impressive shape and look then we can help you. We have been working for lawn care services since the 2000s and we have served hundreds of happy clients in London and nearer areas. We will do everything that your lawn needs to become neat, decent, and beautiful. Our experts will trim the hedges and make them as you desire. Moreover, we ensure you the best landscape care services in London to make them the best landscape in the area at your beautiful lawn.

Fence Installation in your garden

Prevent your flowers or sensitive greenery from getting damaged or harmed Fence Installation is the best solution. If you won’t allow someone to walk in your lawn/garden or make some of its sensitive areas securer then you can install the fences there. RM&K Gardening is offering a wide range of fences that we will install in your garden with high-finish work. Our expert green team is always ready to serve you with our excellent garden fence installation and other gardening services.

What Customers Are Saying

“No matter how big your garden is, or which style you wish your yard to be in, these guys know everything about it already. I appreciate your professional individual approach. It looks lovely.”

Herry, London

“When you have a career and a house to look for, there is not much time left for gardening. Keeping it was hectic for me, but right now I can order these services and finally relax! Great job!”

Smith, Southall

Why RM&K Gardening for your garden care in London?

As stated before that we have spent 20 years of excellence in London as a professional and a reputed gardening company. We care about our client’s expectations and demands to meet them accordingly. Therefore we are aimed to satisfy them with the finest gardening services. Being professionals, we believe that the customer/client is everything for a company who should be happy and glad to acquire our services. To make it possible, we have brilliant gardeners in London to serve our valued clients with our amazing gardening services. No matter what kind of gardening service you need in London we will come to your place fully equipped and provide the best assistance.

Undoubtedly, we understand the needs and requirements of different types of gardens and lawns. So we can work accordingly to produce the best results with our excellent gardening services. In our past experience, we have met different requirements of our clients and satisfied them with no excuses. We not only provide best services but charge competitive charges from our clients.

Get timely maintenance and clearance of your garden now

Want to save your garden from getting worse and your time from getting wasted? Contact us now and let us know how we can help you regarding your garden maintenance and clearance. It is very important to get timely maintenance of your garden to save it from becoming worse and unpleasant. We are here to do this job perfectly and flawlessly using the right gardening tools and equipment. With the help of our latest tools and equipment, we complete this job within a very short time. In this way, we save your precious time that you won’t waste while waiting for us to complete your garden maintenance and clearance. You can call us dialing the given number and we will reach you within no time.

Why you need gardening services?

Gardens and lawns become rough or damaged after some time normally or due to heavy rains, extreme winds, kids plays, or an event celebrated in the garden. There might be several other reasons to make your garden deserving of maintenance and care. To make it perfectly neat & clean and turn it into the pristine condition you need to acquire gardening services in London. Once you get the gardening services for your lawn or garden, you will see dramatic change here. It will become a more beautiful and pleasant place where you would love to invite your friends, guests, and spend the most beautiful moments of your day.

RM&K Gardening customer care

Being professionals, we ensure satisfactory and memorable experiences for our clients with us. For this, we make sure that the services we are offering are exactly what our clients need or demand. Secondly, we determine the quality of services that is according to clients’ expectations. Last but not the least, we provide highly professional and friendly customer care service to our valued clients. In this way, we allow our clients to get the most relevant and useful guidance, information, and help regarding our services and company. We believe in customer’s utmost satisfaction which we can gain through providing competitive, ethical, and highly professional gardening services in London. Feel free to contact us and experience the best gardening services that your garden or lawn deserves. Undoubtedly you will admire the great services that we offer at amazingly fewer prices.

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