Turf Laying Services

Is your yard lacking grass or greenery at your garden or a part of your yard got damaged? Don’t worry, we are here with the right solutions to fill up the missing greenery on your yard through turf laying services in London. We are specialized gardeners working since the 2000s in London as the best gardening company in the business. We offer a complete package of solutions to our clients to meet their gardening requirements and demands thoroughly. Turf Laying is one of the best gardening services that we offer in London. Laying a rolled lawn yourself is a risky business. The landscape company “RM&K Gardening” provides you turf laying services in London and Ruislip and talks about common mistakes during installation and what problems you may encounter during work. Our Expert also has done Fence Installation London.


Rolling Lawn Services

If the laying of the rolled lawn is not done by a specialized company, it is fraught with the fact that you can lose a tidy sum, because rolled grass is not cheap. The biggest mistake you can make is entrusting the installation to the builders. As a rule, such specialists do not know the technology of turf laying services and the device of the rolled lawn. And as a result, the grass simply won’t take root. And if you entrust the business to a south hall lawn turf company and a professional landscape company RM&K Gardening then you do not risk losing the green area.

Features of independent work with a Rolling Lawn

Laying Roll Lawn: stages, soil and Material Preparation

To entrust the laying of the rolling lawn to the specialists of RM&K Gardening means to get a coating without defects, which will perfectly fit into the landscape design of the site. It is not the first year that we have been growing artificial grass layers, so we carry out the work promptly, without delays, and with a quality guarantee.

Long-Lasting Turf Laying Results

Cooperation with our company is a guarantee that in the next 2-3 years after laying, subject to the rules for the use of the material, you will not need to remove weeds and carry out local repair of the rolled lawn. The grass is already adapted to the particular climate the range includes products that can withstand drought, abundant moisture, retaining attractiveness, and an emerald hue in the shade or in places with high traffic (for example, on sports grounds). We are a south hall turf company, works without intermediaries, which allows us to adhere to affordable prices even for elite varieties of lawns, as well as professionally and on time to carry out their laying. Our aim is to lay the lawn on the same day or within 24 hours after the purchase and delivery of the material from the manufacturer. The more time passes before planting a rolled lawn, the worse the root system takes root.

We invite you to Familiarize yourself with the stages of Turfing a Lawn

Surface Preparation, Clearing the site from Weeds and Debris

Drainage works: the top layer of the earth is removed, it is covered with pebbles and sprinkled with sand, compacted, back covered with a layer of soil.

  • Level the soil, fill some areas with earth.
  • The lawn is laid in a straight line only.
  • Rolls are laid out in a staggered sequence.
  • The joints between the rolls are coated with a special mixture.
  • A special roller is used to shrink the grass on the site.
  • In order for the roots to take root in the soil, you need not disturb the surface for 30 days.


Coating Structure

All rolls of lawn grass look about the same. And there are some standards to be considered before laying a turfing lawn.

  • Roll width 40 cm, length – 2 m.
  • The height of the stems is 6-7 cm.
  • The depth of the root system is more than 2 cm.
  • Roll weight within 25 kg.
  • There are no weeds among the blades of grass.

Turnkey Roll lawn

RM&K Gardening specializes in landscape design and offers quality products of its own production. The catalog contains:

  • Lawns with excellent decorative qualities, such as pattern and royal;
  • Standard and budget, suitable for most sites – urban, universal;
  • Green coatings for use in special conditions – sporty, shady.

Give your Garden a Perfect Greenery

Gardens look incomplete or less pleasant where there is an absence of grass in the yard. No matter if the soil of your yard is not fertile enough to grow the grass automatically. There is the best alternative for this problem which we are discussing from the start of this page. Yes, Turf Laying is the only solution of this problem that can help you to get perfect greenery in your garden. To make it possible, we will come to your garden and check the soil to prepare it for the turfs. After that, do our job laying the thicker turfs of suitable grass on the blank yard. If you want to enjoy this wonderful experience with us then feel free to contact us now.